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Welcome to RedAsh Films, founded in 2007 by Ashish Lal, an engineer from IIT Delhi. Over the years, we’ve assembled a dynamic team of experts spanning advertising, digital marketing, filmmaking, and data analytics.

At RedAsh, we seamlessly blend the roles of an Ad Agency and a Film Production House.

In our capacity as an Ad Agency, we specialize in comprehensive online marketing solutions for organizations, ensuring a holistic approach to their digital presence.

As a Film Production House, we craft compelling films for diverse purposes—ranging from ad films and corporate videos to entertainment content such as feature films, web series, and short films. Additionally, we extend our expertise to the creation of engaging online video courses.

Our portfolio proudly boasts collaborations with esteemed global government and corporate clients, such as the United Nations, the British Government, the Indian Government, LG, GE, Bajaj, Castrol, Mahindra and many more. 

We have also had partnerships with award-winning Bollywood artists, such as Late Padma Shri Tom Alter, National Award Winning Actor Seema Biswas, veteran Kiran Kumar, National Award Winning Editor Namrata Rao and many more. These experiences have enriched our journey and allowed us to deliver unparalleled creative solutions.

Throughout our one and a half decades in the industry, RedAsh Films has been a catalyst for exponential growth, thanks to our bespoke and imaginative marketing strategies. Our mission is to continue empowering organizations to reach their full potential.

Join us on this exciting journey of success at RedAsh Films, where innovation meets impact. Together, let’s redefine possibilities!

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