About RedAsh Films

RedAsh Films Private Limited was founded by an IIT Delhi engineer, Ashish Lal, about 15 years ago on 22/11/2007. In these years, it has worked for top global companies such as United Nations, the British Govt, Govt. of India, GE, LG, Amazon, Bajaj, ITC, Mahindra, Samsung, Wellness Forever, Disprz, Bihar Government, Gujarat Government, Castrol, The Smart Cube, Schlumberger RedAsh Films is a one-stop solution for all your film production needs. As an Ad Agency cum Film Production House, we provide end-to-end marketing and video production services. 


As an Ad Agency, we design marketing strategies & provide digital marketing services to scale your business. 

Marketing Strategy

  1.  Short & Long Term Planning
  2.  Right Branding & Positioning
  3.  Advertising Campaigns 
  4.  Print Ads 
  5.  Video Marketing

Digital Marketing

  1.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2.  Social Media Marketing & Management
  3.  Influencer Marketing
  4.  Meme Marketing
  5.  Press Releases & Guest Posting
  6.  Targeted Paid Ads: Google, Meta, LinkedIn etc.


As a film production house, we have 3 verticals as shown below. Click on each to know more:

If you are a company looking for making ad films for branding, e-learning films for learning and development of your employees, animated explainer videos to explain products or services, corporate AVs to show the company’s vision, its culture, case studies etc., click on: Ads/Corporate Films.

If you want to make entertaining fiction feature films (including Bollywood films), web series, TV series, music videos, short films, documentary films etc., click on: Entertainment Films.

If you want to transform your life from being an asthma patient to being asthma-free, or from being unfit to super fit, or from being depressed to mentally healthy, click on: Video Courses.