“Natural Acting for the Camera” Workshop

RedAsh Films, a reputed 15-year-old film Mumbai-based film production house, is conducting a 30-hour workshop in 6 days (Monday-Saturday) in September 2023 on “Natural Acting for the Camera”. This is not a theoretical but a practical workshop on “natural acting” and “making a career” in acting in the Mumbai film industry.

Please go through the details below and if you think you qualify, then register for the workshop by clicking here.

Details of the Workshop

  1. Name: “Natural Acting for the Camera” for the Hindi Film Industry in Mumbai
  2. Duration: 30 hours
  3. Days: 6 days from Monday to Saturday
  4. Day-wise Duration: 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm (4 hours) from Monday to Friday and 9:30 am to 7:30 pm (10 hours) on Saturday
  5. Venue: RedAsh Films Studio, 1101, Peninsula Park, near Yash Raj Films Studios, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400053 (search “RedAsh Films” on Google Maps or click here)
  6. Registration: For Batch 1 of September 2023 from 4th to 9th September 2023, and Batch 2 of September 2023 from 25th to 30th September 2023 – choose Batch with Dates while registering
  7. Future Batch: No other batches are open as of now for September 2023 or later. The next batch might start after a long time.
  8. Primary Acting Coach: Ashish Lal, Founder of RedAsh Films; there may be guest faculties invited for short sessions
  9. Language: Hindi & English; scripts will be primarily in Hindi, but the instructions will have a mix of Hindi and English, depending on the comfort level of that batch’s students
  10. Seats: Limited seats are available as per the studio space. We won’t increase the number of seats in any case whatsoever. So, if you want to attend this workshop, register immediately before seats are filled completely. The above registration links will close the moment the seats are full.
  11. Refunds: We do not offer refunds. Make sure you are available during the days you have registered for – Batch 1 or 2 of September 2023.


What will you learn in the Workshop?

  1. Natural Honest Acting: Natural acting techniques for the camera that look and feel totally effortless, real and powerful. We’ll spend less time on theory, but more on the practical methods on how you can reach that level consistently in every role.
  2. Yoga & Meditation Techniques: Acting in front of the entire crew can be daunting and overwhelming causing nervousness to creep in, and that is the sure-shot recipe for poor acting. We’ll teach you time-tested techniques to calm down your nerves before, during and after any of your performances. Trust our experience – these priceless techniques will be your most powerful tool as an actor and also as an evolving human being. 
  3. Highly Personalized: Personalized counselling, a personalized list of points for every single acting student of the batch as to what are their good qualities as an actor they should hone, and what is their scope of improvement in different areas of acting that they should work upon.
  4. Shoot Actual Scenes Professionally: We’ll actually shoot a scene with multiple actors in a professional way and then explain the nitty gritty of camera acting and how it is different from theatre acting
  5. Practical Problems and Solutions: We all know that just being a good actor is not enough to be successful in this industry. We’ll teach you the hard realities of the industry and how to save years by understanding the practical way to cut through the clutter among the industry production houses, producers, directors, casting directors and fraternity people. We’ll have personalized counselling and a group Q&A session where you can ask all the (tough) questions about the truth behind being successful in this industry and get their answers based on our one-and-a-half decade of experience in this industry. Be prepared to hear some really dark truths. This will arm you with all the knowledge you need to be practically successful in this industry where it is pretty difficult to crack the code for one and all.


What will you get after the Workshop?

  1. Professional Intro Video: An Introduction video of yours shot in a highly-professional set-up: at RedAsh Studio, with a professional camera, professional lights, professional sound recorder and a professional cameraman
  2. Professional Audition Video: A self-audition monologue video shot professionally in a similar way that you can send to casting directors, directors and producers
  3. Certificate: A certificate of successful completion of the workshop
  4. Final 2-Actor Performances: Two-actor performances of all actors will be conducted on Saturday (the last day) second half. Marks to each actor will be given by each in the audience, which shall include outside film fraternity people also, who will come to watch the performances. They will also give detailed feedback – this will help you see how the audience reacts to your performance
  5. The Best Actor Award: “The Best Actor of the Batch” award certificate, irrespective of gender, will be presented to the most promising actor of the batch along with a (surprise) cash prize. Chances are high that this actor will be regularly called for RedAsh Films’ auditions and also referred to other production houses officially by us to consider for their casting.


What the Workshop is NOT?

  1. No Theater Acting: We do not teach theatre acting. We specialize in nuanced acting techniques for the camera that make you look like an effortless and natural actor, even in close-up shots. If you want to learn theatre acting, please do not register here.
  2. No Manipulated Acting: We do not teach overdone craft-based acting, typical theatrical loud acting, typical TVish fake acting, or typical filmy acting where you don’t feel and act, but “manage acting” through superficial dishonest techniques. We create actors, not managers! If you are fond of these manipulated kinds of acting methods, please do not join the batch because you won’t be in sync with what we teach. We teach natural and honest acting.
  3. No Star-Making: We do not train on how to become a star. We don’t know how to do that. We only know how to help you become a good actor who seems effortless and really good in their performances. If you want training on how to become a star, hundreds of workshops are conducted in Mumbai that (falsely) claim to do that. Check out if you find a genuine one.
  4. No Role Promises: It’s not about making you the hero/heroine in our production house RedAsh Films’ projects. Yes, of course, if you are good, we’ll give you a chance to audition in our projects when you suit the character, but there won’t be any nepotism or favouritism in the final selection of the actors. Yes, if you follow what we teach, chances are high that you will bag roles with us and other production houses. However, doing this course doesn’t guarantee you any roles in our production house. We don’t make such fake promises. We only promise that we will teach you enough to be a natural actor if you practice the taught methods diligently for a long enough period.
  5. No Overloaded Theoretical Techniques: We are not teaching circus tricks to entertain the audience. We are teaching you an art form. Teaching scores of techniques (as done in several workshops) will make you feel overwhelmed but it will be of absolutely no use in the practical world of auditions and camera acting. These are only good for intellectual discussions on acting but have no practical implications for you as an actor who has to make a career in acting. We’ll teach only a few but really powerful techniques that can be used in any kind of role.



Click here to register for the workshop.

Today, there’s a discount offer being given that might end soon. Seats for a batch are limited and once full, the registrations will be closed immediately. So, if you are serious, register NOW!

For any queries, email us at [email protected] anytime or WhatsApp us at 90828 72538 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. IST from Monday to Friday.

See you in the workshop with other talented actors who are hungry to learn and grow this art of natural acting for the camera. Cheers!